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“Lemley is so good, so tight, so mysterious, this experience becomes a revelation.”


“Lemley has made burlesque better than it ever was. Lemley brings to burlesque something it rarely if ever had before: great songs and first-class singing.”

“She has now made burlesque into a medium that is as enjoyable on an audible level as much as a visual one. (…) This album is itself a kind of milestone or records!””

-Will Friedwald

“A superb voice...graceful and delightful!”


“Quinn Lemley is MORE than a bunch of burly-q bumps and grinds and glittering, sexy costumes. She has an affinity for brassy classics and a winning personality that reaches far, far across the footlights...She not only turns the heat up in Burlesque to Broadway but also winningly DELIVERS THE GOODS!”

-Ellis Nassour, VANITY FAIR

"It was perfection. Not one flaw! Soaring, imaginative and joyous...Quinn Lemley brings down the house. She is magical! Forget all the other shows-go see this one!"


"Burlesque to Broadway should not be confused with a strip show. The 10-piece band, the dancers, and Ms. Lemley deliver a fast-paced and fun musical with jaw dropping costumes, killer vocals, and dance moves that will get the audience to their feet. Don’t miss this spectacle when it stops in your city."

--  The Port Theatre Society, Spotlight Series

“It isn’t just her drop-dead gorgeous looks and old fashioned Glam appeal: Lemleys crystalline intonation, dancers sense of swing will make even boomers and gen-xers nostalgic for 1946.”


“The Genuine Article: songs sung by a sassy hurricane named Quinn...the lady is HOT!”


“She's so hot, you start thinking the word SIREN must have been created just for her...”


“Quinn Lemley Teases To Perfection! Thank you Quinn for being the next to carry the TEASING torch using the costumes of feathers, sequins and tassels & making them POP through words, music and dance, making all of us want more, more, more!
Quinn embraces the audience in a way that makes it feel personal. What a gift!”

-Cage Martinez, POP CULTURE CAGE

“Vocal Vixen Quinn Lemley is the well-deserved star of the show; incorrigible sexiness. Quinn’s flirtatious personality pours through her microphone. Her phrasing swings as easily as it seduces . . . sexy, spicy and irresistible.”


“Exciting! A beautiful voice the audience could listen to all night!”


“Offers the genuine article: sexy dancing to songs sung by a sassy hurricane named Quinn Lemley . . . one of today’s fastest rising night club performers, she's well on her way to becoming a household name . . . the lady is HOT!”

-John Hoglund, BACKSTAGE

“The A-List. She is so damn hot!”

-Marc Thomson, DESERT POST

“Quinn takes you on a trip to the land from which you wont want to return. Her voice is crystal clear, sweet, sexy and full of energy. This lady sizzles!”

-Al Monroe, WNTI 91.9 FM

“A fun, sexy album . . . Quinn has her own take on these numbers . . . when she does them, everything old is new again!”

-Singer, Julie Wilson

“Quinn Lemley lit up the stage and her voice was purely amazing!!!! The sequins and feathers brought the glitz and glam of a Vegas production direct from Broadway. This is a celebration of our ladies that audiences will remember for years to come! Phenomenal!”

-Rustin Lippencott, Sondheim Center

“Burlesque was definitely worth waiting for! The arrangements and band were great, as were the costumes, fans, corny burlesque-era jokes, and back up girls but at the heart of it all is Quinn Lemley. She delivers the goods.”

-Greg Hendrickson, Haugh Center for the Performing Arts

“She dazzled with her voice and versatility. The beautiful performer has presence, great timing and an enviable future.”

-Ed Condran, Asbury Park Press

“Wow! Does she tease! Standing Ovation! Perfect for all audiences!”

-Eva Bornstein, Lehman Center for the Performing Arts

“ONE SINGULAR SENSATION! The very talented, divine Ms. Q recreated the wonderful by-gone, but not forgotten, era of burlesque, and all of its glitter, and captured the entire essence of it in songs, story, costumes, visual effects, sets and even a big band orchestra! One pure joy ride to experience, that you never want to end. It is a vacation that will last forever!”


“Lemley brings burlesque something it never had before: great songs and first class singing!”

-Will Friedwald, Wallstreet Journal

“A musical extravaganza”

-New York 1

“Dazzling! Breathtaking!”

-Bistro Awards

“Perfection! Quinn brings down the house -magical”

-Joe Franklin, Bloomberg Radio

“Delivers the goods”

-Vanity Fair

“Quinn is without a doubt a star”

-Best of WNY

“The record is a milestone”

-Will Friedwald, Wallstreet Journal

“Dazzling…one show stopping number after another”

-New York Times

“More energy the times square...excellent!”

-Flavor Pill

“Dazzling display! Lemley is a star. She can sing, dance & crack a joke while seemly performing just for you”

-Bob Silvestri, Best of WNY

“Lightning-in-a-bottle survey of American burlesque -- Lemley leading a tight-knit coterie of showgirls through heart-racing choreography, in eye-popping costumes -- supported by a razor-sharp live band Burlesque to Broadway is a highly revealing celebration of 
American burlesque from a century ago to now. ”

-Black Tie Events